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Exhibition hall
Exhibition hall
Exhibition hall

Creative Artist Studio

Research & Development of the up-to-date art market.

R&D is a crucial ingredient to our creative engine, creating a wide variety of popular and trendy art styles widely praised by famous brand owners, distributors, and wholesalers worldwide.

They have defined and respected the Nimble and Flexible system so as to be be flexible to the changing environment:

  • Meetings every Saturday to investigate European markets

  • Visiting local stores once a season to know the local market

  • Learning from professional conferences and industry events every season: art museums, exhibitions, galleries, cultural events, international art fairs

  • Discussing with clients and prospects about their core concerns

  • Scouring websites and blogs to collect the hottest elements


Every brush embodied 15 Years industry experience:delicate, decent and professional.

Paintings By Artist, Not By Apprentice

Some art factories will use painter apprentices, who have not been received a complete fine art education and do not know how to paint well. We guarantee that your order won't be churned out by workers. 80+ full time artists are employed to make available to large projects, all of whom possess advanced degree in art.

Get The Right Artist For Your Order

Each of our artists have the specialties of a certain style or the works of a certain master. We commission orders to the artist who can do their best in each particular job.

An artist is doing painting on the canvas.

Artists In Quality Control

We Seek Perfection In Every Detail

  • QC leader is performing visual inspection on the oil painting.

    Quality Assurance Leader

    QA leader is a former graphic designer with decades of experience in the industry. He monitors every aspect during production to ensure your goods are of good quality.

    • Inspection of texture, color density, shadows and other details comparing to the sample

    • Recruiting qualified painters

    • Defining and performing training plans to all quality controllers

  • Tooling Inspector is checking out the color tone.

    Toning Inspector

    Toning inspectors take charge of color tone so that every printed painting is aligned with the sample during production.

    • Adjusting the brightness and color tone to the required level.

    • Checking the print quality, ensuring no imperfection (small bubbles on the plexiglass, smudge on the canvas) on the supports.

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