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In-House Manufacturing & Fabrication

Available and certified by 3rd party test agency

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    Overall Control Over The Production Process

    • Annual QC testing and training plan for all quality controllers.

    • Samples, incoming materials and finished goods were tested by a 3rd party test agency according to client's requirement.

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    Speed To
    Market & Updates

    If changes are needed to adapt to the market demands, all functions (from design, product development and production), simultaneously work together to move through the business.

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    Quick Turnaround

    • High-tech facilities

    • Standard assembly line process for art reproduction

Handmade oil painting shows great texture.

Every Quality Detail And Finishes Is Made With Care.

An impressive and fascinating oil painting depends on a multitude of element that must come together including: color, composition, shadow, lighting, texture, art form and more.

So, a perfect work of art cannot do without painters' superb craftsmanship. With decades of technical skill, painters freely integrate all elements into the pieces of beautiful and expressive work.


Elegantly crafted from premium material

Wood Stretcher
Give your painting a strong support

  • The wood thickness 3.8 cm at least, is stronger, less likely to break than that of 3.5 cm or less.

  • Non-deformation in high temperature, low temperature, or humidity environment with 2 years testing.

  • Fully Handcrafted Inhouse.

  • Environmentally-Friendly: only use sustainably harvested wood.

A worker is handcrafting a wood stretcher.

Grade A Museum-Quality Canvas
Perfect surface for picture expressiveness

  • High Density of thread, an ideal painting surface for painters, for how great it feels under the brush.

  • Flexible in terms of size, stretch tight under humidity conditioning.

  • Lighter and easier to transport.

QC is inspecting the canvas quality.

Artist-grade, SGS Certified, non-toxic paints best represent the original color of the artwork.

  • Acrylic paints sourced from branded suppliers: feature fade resistant for years, fast drying, water resistant and providing a wide range of color and color depth.

  • Gel Paint handmade by artist: 42 color to choose from, and create a textured finish to the paintings.

Pigment on the canvas.

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